The DISCOVERED LIFE project has three partners:

The GOVERNMENT OF ARAGON, in its role of coordinator beneficiary is responsible for the management and general coordination of the project. The Government holds wide historic expertise on the polluted sites in the region. Its large experience in the protection of soil and water against pollution is crucial to reaching and disseminating the goals foreseen in the DISCOVERED LIFE.

SARGA, the Aragon Agro-environmental Management Society holds wide experience in the implementation of LIFE projects and brings in that experience as associated beneficiary of the project.
SARGA is responsible for the implementation and dissemination tasks, being the most important ones the implementation of the ISCO pilot test on the field and the monitoring and assessment of the obtained results.

IHPA, the International HCH and Pesticides Association acts as associated beneficiary and brings into the project its international experience in measuring and solving problems related to pesticides and other POPs. IHPA is responsible for the project’s communication and for the organization of the 13th International HCH and Pesticides Forum in Zaragoza.