DISCOVERED LIFE is a demonstration project co-funded by the European Union for the remediation of contaminated soils in the area of Sabiñánigo (Huesca) in which a chemical oxidation tecnique is used against the existing pesticides.

One of the main tasks of the project is to demonstrate that the high rates of pollutant destruction achieved in the lab may be also achieved on the field.

For that purpose, we will develop an ISCO pilot test to mobilize and oxidize the pollutants (DNAPL) that could not be pumped out and are still trapped in the fractures. The aim is to reduce the existing pollution load in the aquifer and to turn it into less harmful or innocuous compounds.




1. To demonstrate the feasibility of applying and transferring the ISCO technique from the lab to the field.
2. To assess the reduction of risks according to environmental quality indicators.
3. To adapt the technology to the pollutant mixture in an innovative and efficient manner.
4. To disseminate the processes, results and obtained information at international level among experts groups and scientists.
5. To assess the applicability and full-scale effectiveness of these techniques, evaluating the following ratios: cost/effectiveness/times; cost/treatment times/energy consumption; feasibility/efficiency of pollution reduction.
6. To raise awareness and inform the residents in the affected area about the works carried-out.
7. To analyse the applicability of these techniques to decontaminate sites suffering from similar issues.
8. To demonstrate the transferability of these techniques to other Lindane polluted sites.