The legacy of lindane

ISCO pilot trial implementation and results

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The DISCOVERED LIFE wants to disseminate their progress in reducing the lindane pollution in the Bailin bedrock. But we cannot forget the history of the village itself, their people, and the source that generated the problem.

TV report: 25 years tackling Lindane. Aragon TV


To those who still are not aware of the Lindane problem in Bailin, you may find here a very instructive TV report broadcasted on 17/06/2013 in the show Objetivo of Aragon TV (watch from minute 12).

The TV show broadcasted in Aragon TV reminds in the report "25 years tackling Lindane" the decontamination works developed in Sabiñanigo (Huesca) over two decades. 25 years ago the manufacturing plant "Inquinosa" closed its doors but there are still 200.000 tons of toxic waste generated by the production of Lindane: a powerful pesticide forbidden to date in Europe. Since then, the decontamination works have never ceased, although they could still last for decades.


25 years tackling Lindane. Aragon TV (minute 12:27)

Stakeholders Information Session at local level. 31. March 2014. Sabiñanigo.

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DISCOVERED LIFE Open Session. 2. July 2014. Zaragoza

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Working Meeting of Partners

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