Disseminative Material


 In this section you may find documents related to the subject tackled by the DISCOVERED LIFE. You will find documents created in the framework of the project for their dissemination (leaflets, posters and briefs) as well as already existing documents.

They all refer to the issues generated by pesticides and other persistent organic pollutants, as well as to those techniques used to tackle their harmful effects in human beings and the environment.



 - This publication in English created by the IHPA and CEPS deals with the problems that the inadequate stock of obsolete pesticides has caused in different European countries. It analyses the scale of the problem, the existing laws, measures to be taken and an action plan to be followed in order to take steps in the right direction. VERY SOON AVAILABLE IN SPANISH.

Lethal Obsolete Pesticides (1,6 MB)

- The project in figures. Understanding DISCOVERED LIFE at a glance.

Poster. Discovered Life in figures (341 KB) Spanish

- Information poster of the project. The poster is displayed at the seat of the Government of Aragon in San Pedro Nolasco square in Zaragoza and at the seat of the Alto Gallego County in Sabiñánigo.

Poster. Discovered Life Project (2,5 MB) Spanish

-This document belongs to the collection Guides to Citizens created by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States (EPA) with the aim at disseminating the different remediation technologies suitable for contaminated sites. There are 22 technical files. You may find here the file that deals with in situ chemical oxidation.

Guide to citizens about ISCO (600KB) Spanish

 -Brochure to understand at a glance the DISCOVERED LIFE Project. Very son other one with more technical details.

DISCOVERED LIFE Brochure (4,11 MB) Spanish

 -Article published in the Technical Environment Journal RETEMA "LIFE DISCOVERED Searching solutions to the legacy of Lindane in Aragon"


 -Information resources regarding the lindane issue. Created in close collaboration with the Centro de Documentación del Agua y del Medio Ambiente of the Zaragoza City Council.

Info LINDANE BROCHURE (200 KB) Spanish

 -Publication created by IHPA and CEPS now available in SPANISH. "Pesticidas obsoletos letales. Una bomba de relojería, motivos por los que debemos actuar"

Pesticidas Obsoletos Letales (3,36 MB) Spanish
ISCO test results (672 KB) Spanish

- Strategic plan of integral fight against the contamination by lindane and other isomers of the HCH in Aragon. November 2016

Link to the document (24.3 MB) Spanish: goo.gl/p4c1VI

Discovered Life poster in figures v2 (168 KB) Spanish
ISCO brochure 2017 (3.34 MB) Spanish
Poster ISCO 2017 (1.64MB) Spanish

  - Presentations of the Closing Session. May 2017

  1. Overview of the Life Discovered project. Mr. Juan Carlos Rabal. Head of Environmental Control Service of Government of Aragon (4.43 MB) Spanish. www.lifediscovered.es/content/cats/47/1JCRabal.pdf
  2.  Introduction to the geology of Bailín. Previous studies. The Road to ISCO. Mr. Jesús Fernández Cascán. Technical Committee of Government of Aragon (2.89 MB) Spanish www.lifediscovered.es/content/cats/47/2preisco.pdf
  3. ISCO pilot test: Fieldwork, data management and results. Mr. David Alcalde of AECOM (1.63 MB) Spanish www.lifediscovered.es/content/cats/47/3DAlcalde.pdf
  4. Actions of sensitization, communication and networks created in the project. Mr. Juan José Mestre of SARGA (1,38 MB) Spanish www.lifediscovered.es/content/cats/47/4JJMP.pdf
  5. Lab to field, soil remeditation demonstrative project: New ISCO application to DNPL multicomponent environmental problem. Methodological guidelines for ISCO application at similar large scale HCH contaminated sites Mr. John Vijgen. Coordination Committee. IHPA (4.29 MB) www.lifediscovered.es/content/cats/47/5JVijgen.pdf
  6. Strategic environmental action plan against lindane waste contamination in Aragon. Mr. Eduardo Calleja Jiménez. Head of Unit for the integral decontamination of lindane of Government of Aragon. (1.14 MB) Spanish www.lifediscovered.es/content/cats/47/6Planestrategico.pdf

 - Book of the 13th International Forum of HCH and Pesticides in Zargoza from 3 to 6 November 2015: www.hchforum.com/13/docs/13thHCHForum_Forum_Book_2015.pdf

Layman┤s Report. June 2017 (5.92 MB)
After LIFE. (128KB) Spanish
Final Report. January 2018. (3,28 MB)