Martes 21 de junio de 2016


The 2016 Life Symposium was attended by 161 people who filled almost completely the capacity of the hall of the ETSI Montes UPM, the event was a success.

The Discovered Life project was presented during the first day at the third session. On June 16th was held 7 workshops on the issue of soil decontamination which aroused great interest.

The main conclusion of the attendees is that the organization of the Symposium was of the highest quality:
• About 80% of the participants considered appropriated the duration of the talks.
• About 95% of the participants considered that the speakers were of a great quality and their papers were of high level.
• As for the overall organization and program of the symposium approximately the 97% of the participants described it as good to very good.
• About the 93% of the attendees believe that a symposium with similar characteristics should be held in other occasion.
The polls show that around 30% of the participants consider very important the impact of these projects in the s environmental and health risks areas.

The 20% consider that the impact in economic and social issues is important offering an assessment of 8 and 7 points respectively over 10.

The 40% consider that the knowledge of the population on contaminated soil is limited. They also think about the necessity of an awareness campaign to the general public on contaminated soils and the need for greater involvement of government agencies to control this issue.

On the other hand, 60% of respondents know about the investments done in his area regarding the soil decontamination.