Interesting Links

Frames of References

-Website of the United States Environmental Protection Agency

-Website of National Reference Centre for Persistent Organic Pollutants

-Platform of resource documents, information and discussion for everyone working with obsolete pesticides in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

-The Stockholm Convention was adopted on 22 May 2001 in Stockholm (Sweden) and entered into force on 17 May 2004. Its purpose is to protect human health and the environment from POPs through measures aimed at reducing and eliminating emissions of these compounds. For more information on the status of each of these compounds please check the official website:

-Website of the The Mediterranean Center for Environmental Studies (CEAM). Available in English and Spanish.

-Official documentary website Discovering Lindane: The legacy of HCH production.You can see in original version with English subtitles. Also available the teaser and awards won.